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Reduce Commodity Cargo Trading Risks with Independent Inspection and Testing

Popeye Marine Group has had the pleasure of working alongside a wide variety of companies during inspections in the cargo sector. From heavy rigging and moving companies, freight forwarding companies to insurance companies.


We can provide a full documented report on your cargo from overseeing the proper securing and packing of the cargo from the port of loading to the port of discharging. If there has been any damage to your cargo, Popeye Marine Group will determine the extent of the damage and cause.


Reports are generated in PDF format with HD photos, and at your request we can provide HD video. We are here to help protect the interests of vessel owners, shippers, cargo consignees and insurance underwriters. PMG cargo surveyor holds a valid TWIC, US Passport, Merchant Mariners Document, and a member in good standing with Sea Test Drug Consortium. 

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